What I Want for My Child


A Mother's Precious Bundle

A Mother’s Precious Bundle

“What do you want most for your child?”—was the question an interviewer posed to a mother cradling her newborn baby. The mother hesitated, probably because this question had not been premeditated and it caught her off guard. “Well, I guess I just want him to be happy—believe in himself—and follow his dream whatever it might be.” She wanted to give him all things leading to happiness. But maybe she didn’t know exactly how to reach this goal. I understood the heart of this loving mother gazing down at her precious bundle. How would I answer this question? I think the greatest myth about happiness is thinking it comes from getting what one wants. I believe it is a byproduct of virtue and morality. It comes from loving—from doing things that draw us out of ourselves. I’ve learned that joy can glow even through adversity and pain. Joy is not on the surface to bake or wilt according to external conditions; rather, it is nourished deep down in the roots, protected and anchored in God. What do I want most for my child? I want him to develop faith in a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, his Savior. I want him to be a covenant keeper, to love and serve his fellowmen, and see divine potential within himself. I can’t give him happiness, but if he learns to be true to his covenants and have faith in God, JOY will surely come!

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