Where Can I Find It?

It Fits Together Like a PuzzleIf I want to learn how to change the oil in my car, I won’t seek the answer from a medical doctor. If I want to learn how to play rugby, I won’t ask an organist. It’s obvious that when we have questions, we seek out the experts in that particular field. After teaching the people, Jesus Christ instructed them to: “Go ye and learn what that meaneth” (Matthew 9:13). The Lord likewise wants me to research out answers to my questions and ponderings. But not all resources are alike in accuracy and authenticity. If I want answers to gospel questions, for example, I will go to the official Church website (lds.org) and study what prophets and apostles have to say about my question. I will also go to my scriptures. I will check the topical guide to direct me to verses which will clarify points of doctrine. As I research, ponder, and pray for help, the Holy Ghost will verify truth to my soul. Parts and pieces will slip into place as with a jigsaw puzzle. It will be an epiphany of light and knowledge. I must exert effort and desire in order to activate God’s power. I will advance in knowledge and refinement as I research accurate sources of information to solve my questions.

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