Writing a Couple Mission Statement

Have you ever thought about writing your mission statement as a couple? Many years ago, we decided to do this. What do we want to become as a couple? What is most important to us? Merging our ideas, we came up with this statement: “We stand as disciples and loving companions on a mission to bring Heavenly Father’s children closer to Him. In this noisy world of distractions, we pledge to be faithful to our covenants and strive to maintain balance in our lives. We will focus on developing and demonstrating love for all people. With countenances reflecting joy in the gospel and each other, we will work hard without drawing attention to ourselves. Service is our ministry. We desire to show as well as teach the message of love to all within our circle of reach.” United in this common effort throughout the years, we have tried to stay true to this objective. Writing a couple mission statement is empowering, uniting, and distilling. I encourage you to try it!

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